Medical services

Medical Services in Korea

‘Adept Consulting’ company provides the consulting services concerning the tours within the medical tourism to the Republic of Korea.

  Nowadays, the Korean medical industry represents the newest technological infrastructure, the comprehensive services, the advanced methods of treatment and diagnostics, and the highly-skilled world-class professionals in various fields. The cost of medical treatment in Korea is lower than that in the USA and in Japan by 30 respectively 67%. All this attracts the tourists, and makes the medical treatment in Korea highly-sought and popular.

We offer for our clients, as follows:

  • counseling with respect to the issues related to the medical treatment and medical services in Korea;
  • assistance in the selection of a clinic, or of a complete physical examination center;
  • provision of complete information on the clinics, on their specializations, and on their highly-qualified specialists;
  • provision of consulting services for the selection of the wellness programs and tours within the medical tourism;
  • insight into the specificities of medical treatment in Korea, inter alia, into the alternative methods and into the integrative medicine;
  • provision of comprehensive information on the procedures and additional medical services;
  • translation of medical documents;
  • counseling with respect to the issues related to the travel organization;
  • assistance in management of the leisure time which is free of the medical treatment (that is, in the arrangement of leisure time activities, shopping, and so on).

Advantages of Our Company

We differ from our peers due to the following characteristics:

  • we have a vast experience of cooperation with the top-ranked clinics of the Republic of Korea;
  • we have a professional staff specializing in the tours within the medical tourism to Korea;
  • we manage your medical treatment, health improvement or diagnostics, engaging the certain specialists in this process; that is, you visit a certain doctor which has been already familiarized with your problem;
  • we provide the personal consulting services;
  • we have a professional staff of the translators from Korean;
  • we have a longstanding relationship with the most large-scale tour operators which offer the most favorable terms.

Having selected the ‘Adept Consulting’ as your adviser for the matters concerning the tours within the medical tourism to Korea, you will get maximum information, individual approach to your problem, and optimum solution to your issue.