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Any business activities require strict observance of, and rigorous compliance with the current legislative framework. Sometimes, legal ignorance or incorrect construction of the legislative provisions result in the great problems, and even in the losses.
‘Adept Consulting’ company offers the services of legal support for your business activities.

Company service:

We will help you to gain insight on the various fields of law, and on the comprehensive regulatory framework. The ‘Adept Consulting’ company’s professionals will provide with the services associated with the following processes and procedures:

  • registration, winding-up, corporate restructuring, amalgamation, merger, reregistration and other organizational and structural transformations of the companies of any forms of incorporation, as well as of their business units and subsidiaries; inter alia, opening of the new foreign representative offices, legal support for the company purchase and sale transactions;
  • legal support concerning the issues related to the land and property law (such as the obtaining of the official acts, legitimizing of the buildings and constructions, property registration, and so on);
  • legal representation of the companies in courts with regard to the commercial, civil, administrative and criminal cases; legal defense of the companies at court against the illegal actions of state authorities; litigation of the cases related to the companies, at court, with regard to the issues concerning the debts receivable, the companies’ legal relationship with their contractors, employees or customers, the compensation for damages and losses, and so on;
  • elaborating of the organizational and legal documents (such as the various agreements, contracts, instructions, guidelines, procedural documents, regulations, statutes, and other legal papers);
  • obtaining of licenses for the various fields of activities, consulting and legal support at the obtaining of the permits to engage the foreign employees;
  • provision of the various legal consulting services;
  • counseling with regard to the issues concerning the labor law; elaborating of the human resources documentation; analysis of current state of the HR record management, and development of an effective HR policy.

Why should you choose exactly the ‘Adept Consulting’? Because contacting us, you gain the following benefits:

  • prompt solution to the issues;
  • professional and competent service;
  • saving of the employee expenses for an in-house legal counsel;
  • individual approach to every problem;
  • we have the experts at our command in the various fields of law, who have extensive professional experience with regard to the judicial practice, what increases the efficiency of their job performance;
  • we carry out insightful analysis and expert review of the documents, and provide with a relevant Writing Opinion founded in law;
  • we respect absolute confidentiality.

APPLICATION FORM FOR state registration of a corporate entity, business unit, subsidiary (representative office)

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10 000

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Our Advantages:


Individual approach to each client


Insightful analysis and expert review of the documents


Writing Opinion of a lawyer founded in law.

Full Range of Legal Services

  • Legal counseling on all the legal matters

  • Legal representation of clients at the state authorities and other institutions

  • Legal support to the businesses

  • Preparation and drawing-up of the contracts, agreements, applications, statements, declarations, claims, reclamations, and so on

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