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Korean Language School in Almaty! Great opportunity for everyone!

Just look how easy is to make yourself familiar with the Korean language!

Nowadays, knowledge of a foreign language is not something like a regal splendor, or like just a style. Most probably, it is a necessity, and a necessary want.

And if you had got an idea to make yourself familiar with the Korean language long beforehand, you will never find a better place in order to turn such your desire into reality!

‘Adept Consulting’ company is your professionally-skilled teacher!

What do we offer?

  • To study Korean with the competent trainers!
  • To take a course under the training program of intensive Korean studies for the attendees with any attainment level!
  • To get a Certificate being issued upon completion of the course.

Who is the training program intended for?

For the translators, interpreters, students, prospective students, and for anyone who just wishes to take our training course!

We offer group training (within the groups consisting of 7 to 8 persons).
Presently, there increasingly arises a demand for a competent
instruction in the Korean language. The fact of the matter is that the modern people
do not want to be satisfied with a little. For, the educational level, as well as the intellectual level of development, are raised!
The people in increasing numbers vie for the success and outstanding achievements!

Learn Korean and expand the horizons of your possibilities with us!

  • Do you want to become a professional translator or interpreter?
  • Is the Korean language necessary for doing your business?
  • Do you want to get into the spirit of culture of a foreign country, and to comprehend its cultural assumption better?

Enroll in the Korean Language School right now!

To study Korean is an unalloyed pleasure! That is, in our case when the top-ranking specialists teach it. Moreover, we set up the meetings with the native speakers of the language!
Just imagine how fascinating is to learn the language, so saying, ‘straight from the source’!

What do you know about Korean? Let’s embark on a voyage of discovery into the language right away!

So, is it easy to learn Korean? Well, there does not exist any absolute answer to this question! Much depends on your desire, eagerness and ambition.

Of course, the Korean language has a set of its specific features! For instance, any phrase in Korean begins from the end. Therefore, it is possible to make sense of a sentence only after the last word having been said or written.

Here is another peculiarity! There is a number of such idiomatic expressions in Korean, which do not have any definitive equivalents for their translation into any other language. And in general, there exist many such specificities in the Korean language, which will amaze you many times!

Nevertheless, after a little while, all these complexities will be perceived as a matter of course! Our experienced teachers will help you with pleasure to overcome all the difficulties arising in view of your studies!

Studying Korean with the ‘Adept Consulting’ is convenient!

Just consider: we offer a training program intended for the different levels of language proficiency, such as follows:

  • For the elementary learners!
  • For the intermediate learners!
  • For the advanced learners!
  • For the practicing translators and interpreters!

Therefore, you will begin learning Korean exactly from the level you have!

Studying Korean with the ‘Adept Consulting’ is:

  • Convenient
  • High-quality
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Promising

Important! We are not limited only to the training. We promote the employment of our most talented and laborious students! Do you want to work at a major promising company? Then, astonish us with your ambition and desire to learn Korean, demonstrate the training result!

And in our turn, we will help you to find employment. Thus, there is an impetus for you to become the best student, to show your paces, as who should say, ‘the whole nine yards’, and to land your job ahead of expectations!

See it for yourself! And at last, live out your long-held dream!

We work individually with every Client!

application form for the enrollment in the korean language school

You receive a good-quality training:

  • with the competent teachers

  • under the training program of intensive Korean studies

  • contemplating issuance of a Certificate upon completion of the training course

  • which is convenient for the attendees with any levels of language proficiency

Free of charge!

Inquire after the exact training cost

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