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Bookkeeping and accounting maintenance – represent a mandatory process within the business activities of every economic entity. The companies and businessmen may not omit the accountancy in their activities; meanwhile, the good-quality bookkeeping and accounting maintenance determine the efficiency of business processes. Far from every company is able to afford to hire a competent full-time employee, and far from every businessman has enough knowledge in order to maintain the independent bookkeeping and accounting.

‘Adept Consulting’ company offers the high-quality accounting services for its customers, which include, as follows:

  • registration/winding-up of an economic entity, and accounting management;
  • organization of bookkeeping and accounting for the new businesses;
  • filing of the documents (both primary and current);
  • immediate bookkeeping and accounting maintenance, including the payments clearing and settlement, the reconciliation, the property accounting, the operating analysis and the financial performance assessment, etc.;
  • reconstruction of accounts;
  • personnel outsourcing, record keeping, and optimization of HR policy;
  • payroll management, and accounting of the salary and other related wages and payments;
  • assessment of taxes and tax accounting;
  • report delivery (with respect to the tax and accounting reporting);
  • lease accounting via the ‘1C’ service;
  • consultancy and other services related to the good-quality bookkeeping and accounting maintenance.

Contacting us, you gain the following benefits:

  • Your costs of the bookkeeping and accounting maintenance will be considerably reduced. Our professionals will supply the place of your full-time accountant who needs very high employee expenses. For, if you hired such an accountant, you have to pay a salary for him/her, to maintain his/her workspace, to update and provide a service for the specialist software applications, and to buy the profession-oriented print media and business forms. And we defray all these expenses.
  • At your service, there is a staff of the competent accountants whose work does not depend on the vacation leaves, diseases or other unforeseen situations.
  • We make a practice of a multilevel control over the bookkeeping and accounting maintenance.
  • Our bookkeeping and accounting are based on the actual regulatory environment.
  • We undertake responsibility for the record keeping and accounting.
  • You get the tax optimization, as well as the optimization of HR record management.
  • You obtain a consultancy support concerning the legal, economic and financial issues.
  • You will be represented by our professionals at the various state bodies and authorities.

Entrusting the ‘Adept Consulting’ company with the bookkeeping, accounting maintenance, and optimization of your business processes, you save your costs and time which you will be able to focus on the development and expansion of your business.


We Are in Figures




years at the market

20 000

pages of the drawn-up reporting and accounting documentation

Our Advantages:


Full range of the accounting services


Professional staff


Individual approach to each client

Our assurance implies the effective result!

  • Not only one expert works for you

  • You may take opinion of a competent expert at any time

  • The accounting services being rendered by us, have been insured

  • We ensure high quality and strict confidentiality

Free of charge!

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