Accounting Services

Notwithstanding what branch of activities your company is engaged in, the accounting records maintenance is such a process which is abiding for any business. If your company’s budget allows to have an experienced accountant on the staff, who is aware of all the focal areas and responsibilities with regard to this work, and is capable…
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Translation Services

The translations of any difficulty, which are always high-quality and budget-friendly for you, - are offered by our translation agency located in Almaty. In terms of the linguistic services of any degree of complexity, as well as in terms of whatever technical and other field-specific texts, and of the documents related to the real estate…
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Translation Agency

A need to employ the professional translators’ services may arise for anyone. For, even though you knew the basics of this or that foreign language or had ever studied it in the distant times of studentship, you would hardly manage to get translated a text regarding any technical, juristic or medical theme, and therewith, grammatically…
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