Accounting Services

Notwithstanding what branch of activities your company is engaged in, the accounting records maintenance is such a process which is abiding for any business. If your company’s budget allows to have an experienced accountant on the staff, who is aware of all the focal areas and responsibilities with regard to this work, and is capable to keep the company’s books strictly and consistently, then, it is excellent. But far from every businessman or emerging company is in a position to have a professional accountant on the staff and on a full-time basis, which would therewith have a required professional experience; for, this cost item is rather expensive. Thereat, far from every accountant is aware of all the focal areas and responsibilities within the framework of the financial and economic activities of this or that business, and is capable to be singly engaged at a company in the entire job scope.

And there exists an alternative to the established post of a full-time accountant - that is, an opportunity to order the accounting and bookkeeping services for your business in a specialized company both on a regular basis and in the form of temporary services.

The ‘Adept Consulting’ company provides the services associated with the accounting and bookkeeping for the businesses and organizations to a high professional standard and at the quite acceptable prices. There work the experienced accountants, financial experts and cost estimators on the staff of our company, who will manage to get performed any works for you on the keeping of accounts and on the financial reporting, and will take the bookkeeping for your company upon themselves, as well as represent your company in the tax, and other regulatory authorities.

For the companies which are the complete newcomers in the field of business,  we will provide the services for the registration with the tax authorities. For the consistently-operating companies,  we will prepare all the necessary reporting documentation. Where necessary, we are ready to get performed the whole range of services associated with the re-issue of the accounting documents, or to get performed the activities related to the liquidation of your business or company.

The related services such as the HR record management, the calculation of wages and allowances for temporary disability, the advisory services for the executives of the companies of all forms of ownership are also rendered by us at an adequate level. Our professionals use the best software in their works; therefore, you should not be doubtful of the accuracy of calculations.

Working together with us, you will manage not only to get spared the funds for the remuneration of labor of a full-time accountant, but also to attain a definitely-competent accounting records maintenance in accordance with all the currently-actual regulatory enactments, legislative instruments, legal acts and documents.

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