Translation Services

The translations of any difficulty, which are always high-quality and budget-friendly for you, - are offered by our translation agency located in Almaty. In terms of the linguistic services of any degree of complexity, as well as in terms of whatever technical and other field-specific texts, and of the documents related to the real estate and immovable property,  we will help you to resolve any problems where an expert translator is needed for their resolving.

Our professionals work on the translations from the most widely-spoken languages such as English, German, French; and they are also ready to get performed the translations for you from the little-known languages into a necessary language as soon as possible. If you need the high-quality translations for the carrying-out of your professional activities, we will help you to make your business more viable. If you need the translations of the texts of private or intimate subject matter, you may employ the services of our translation agency as well: the translations of private letters and other privileged texts are performed by us promptly and to a good quality, and at the prices acceptable for the customers.

If you need the services of an interpreter performing the interpreting from a foreign language for a spell of holding of a business meeting with your foreign partners, we are ready to offer the services of our professionals for you. Our specialists in the field of interpretation can be offered either on a once-only, or on a regular basis. In terms of support on the part of a professional interpreter within a business meeting, conference or seminar which is held in a foreign language - we are ready to get resolved any your problems related to the field of linguistic services.

Our translation agency also provides the services of a personal interpreter performing the interpreting from the foreign languages for a spell of conduct of business negotiations in the online mode. You may order the services of interpretation of the business negotiations, thereat filling the relevant data in writing, which concern the conduct of such negotiations. We offer whatsoever forms of submission of the linguistic services under the related orders of our customers; furthermore, our regular customers have an opportunity to enjoy the discounts for the services being rendered within the framework of regular cooperation.

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