Translation Agency

A need to employ the professional translators’ services may arise for anyone. For, even though you knew the basics of this or that foreign language or had ever studied it in the distant times of studentship, you would hardly manage to get translated a text regarding any technical, juristic or medical theme, and therewith, grammatically and to a good quality. For this purpose, there exist the specialized translation agencies which may offer the services for their customers, which are associated with the translation of various documents and texts from one language into another in a professional manner.

Our translation agency located in Almaty, offers the services for everyone, which involve high-quality professional translation of the texts of general subject, as well as of the field-specific texts, of the financial and technical documents, of the patient information leaflets and other instructions or guidelines for medical use, of the medical notes, reports or findings, of the documents related to the real estate industry, and of the documents of any other subject.

All the services being offered by our agency in respect of the translations for our customers, are performed at acceptable prices and as soon as possible - what may be sometimes very topical and important under certain circumstances. A customer may need a prompt translation of any documentation - and we are ready to get performed such a service on any term you need.

The translators working together with our company, have had professional linguistic education, and also have the proper degrees and longstanding professional experience in this field. You can be sure of the correctness and fidelity of the translations completed by our specialists since their level of proficiency enables to perform their work to a high standard.

A message of any translated document depends on the quality of translation of the related texts; therefore, any disregard or ignorance of rules of a foreign language into or from which a translation is performed,  may result in the discrepancies with regard to this or that wording, and in the distortion of the true meaning, or in the misrepresentation with regard to this or that text. Independently to get performed a translation of any document is not within the power of everyone; and the use of the computer-managed services or resources intended for the translation of important documents, will never yield any desired results.

The ‘Adept Consulting’ translation agency will offer the services for you, which are associated with the professional translation of the texts, and with the proper design of the translated texts in compliance with the customer’s requirements. You can submit to us the texts for translation both on the electronic and text media,  and our related work will have been performed accurately and on term, regardless of the amount of reading materials, and of the complicacy of text. We can allow the attractive discounts for the heavy workload in terms of the volumes of our work on translation; thereat, the prices are agreed with a customer, according to the individual requirements as to the translation.

We perform the translations of legal documentation with guarantee of the confidentiality preservation as for the data reported in any document being translated. Where necessary, notarial certification of a translated document is possible. The services involving the translation of financial documents are also performed with maximal fidelity and responsibility; thereat, the data integrity, security and reliability are controlled by our professionals to a high standard.

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